About me: A passion to see the world

I think I have the travel bug. I love to travel, especially when I can explore cultures different from my own. 

I grew up with a house full of artifacts from around the world. My mother grew up in Nigeria and Pakistan and my father explored the world because he traveled for work. My grandparents on my Mom’s side were both pilots and they lived in Colombia, India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, Nigeria, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. I guess you can say the desire to travel is in my blood!

I love connecting with people whose lifestyle, habitat, and standard of living are different from my own because I like seeing the world from a different perspectives. I feel a deep sense of connection and purpose when I’m traveling and learning about other cultures. I also like to give back to other communities and I try to do so on every trip I go on. 

I’m hoping to take some time to go to Indonesia next fall/winter, fingers crossed.