Natalya DeSena Photography: A Beautiful Journey to Morocco


A year ago, I went on a life changing journey to Morocco with 15 strangers. It was a journey that I’ll hold near and dear to my heart forever. Every woman on the trip was a creative looking to meet and grow with other creative women. I booked the trip through We Are Creative Adventurers, which is a is a travel experience empowering women to discover their passions and create change. I went on this trip at such a pivotal time in my career, as I was transitioning out of the corporate world and into running my photography business full-time. I will forever cherish the adventures, laughs, tears, personal growth, and creativity that came from this trip. These women gave me the strength to follow my heart and run my business full-time. For that I’m forever grateful.

Thanks to these ladies:

Lex Weinstein

Leia Vita

Kat Reynolds

Eliza Sloane

Jo, Mar Y Lana

Julie, Rais Case

Elise, Integration for Life

Daniella Yoga, Daniella Photo

Nina, Wild Moon Collection

Roeshan, Be Well Integrative

Giulia, We Are Creative Adventurers



Here’s a look back…