Natalya DeSena Photography: 2019 Wedding Trends


It’s hard not be extra excited at the start of wedding season. With so many Maine weddings on the horizon, I can’t wait to see what unexpected or on-trend details my brides have come up with. It seems like lately brides have thrown out the rule book when it comes to weddings. Now, unexpected and surprising elements are the norm. As a guest – or a wedding photographer – this gets me all the more excited for what’s to come. Here are some 2019 trends you’ll be sure to spot at New England weddings this coming season.

Natural Elements

In the past, weddings have traditionally had a glossy, over-polished appearance. While boho brides have been reconnecting with nature for a while now, the trend in 2019 is to incorporate unexpected natural elements into their décor. Raw crystals, geodes, rose quartz, and colorful gate provide fun pops of color while still maintaining an earthy, elemental look that brides are drawn to. You’ll surely see these stones used in hair pieces, place settings, and plenty of other places in 2019.

Inventive Florals

Flowers and weddings go hand-in-hand. While having beautiful florals at a wedding is nothing new, brides are now using flowers in more inventive ways than ever before. Flower arrangements cascading down a modern wedding cake add an unexpected twist to a classic tradition. Edible flowers are also a fun way to make your dessert table look extra elegant. In lieu of bouquets, bridesmaids will be carrying exquisite floral hoops. Even a floral-printed wedding dress – or a veil dotted with pastel petals – is not out of the question.

Rich Color Palettes

Blush and neutral tones were all the rage throughout most of the 2010s. Now, however, brides are putting together weddings with a more opulent color palette. Dark jewel tones, muted hues, and metallics combine together beautifully to create weddings that look lux, mysterious, and right on-trend. Dark teal, mustard, hunter green, burnt sienna, and crimson will be everywhere at 2019 New England weddings. Don’t be surprised if you even see touches of black, which (when used sparingly) can look incredibly elegant.

Edgy Accessories

Social media has made certain wedding trends spread like wildfire. In 2019, don’t be surprised to see some of these frequently-double-tapped Instagram trends come to life. For boho brides, a felt hat or fedora puts a lovely, low key twist on any lace wedding dress. Other on-trend brides are opting for customized jackets that feature their new last name hand painted on the back. A custom denim style is perfect for the casual, free-spirited bride. Edgier urban brides, however, are opting for custom leather moto jackets. While these likely won’t be worn for the ceremony itself, they make for fabulous photo-ops alongside the groom or bridal party.


As a wedding photographer, I can’t wait to see this trend continue. In the last few years, sparklers have been frequently used to make weddings a bit more fun. When used for photographs, they add a romantic touch that will make your wedding portraits look simply magical. Get your guests in on the action by having a sparkler exit after the ceremony or reception. No matter how and when they are used, the result is fun, fabulous, and unforgettable.