How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer


Aside from your marriage and your memories, your photos are often the only thing you have left when your wedding day is over. That’s why having great photos is of the utmost importance. When deciding on a photographer for your wedding, you should do more than just scroll through their Instagram feed.

Take these following factors into consideration to ensure that your photos live up to your expectations.

1. Consider Their Aesthetic

Every wedding photographer has an aesthetic that is different. This goes far beyond their photos appearing “light and airy” or “dark and moody.” Some wedding photographers have a fine art approach and carefully consider the composition of each frame. Others take a more photojournalistic and snap lots of candid photos. There is no right or wrong answer here – it’s all about what you prefer. When choosing a wedding photographer, take a look at their portfolio to get a better idea of their overall aesthetic.

2.  Personality is Important

Your wedding photographer will be present during some of the most important moments of your life. For this reason, you’ll want someone who you work well with. Before choosing a photographer, ensure your communication styles align. If you like your emails answered ASAP, a photographer who takes a lax approach to running their business is only going to stress you out. Some brides want their photographers to be a big part of their big day, while others would prefer a hands-off approach. Take all of these things into consideration before signing a contract.

 3. You Get What You Pay For

If you want images that look like the ones you’re seeing on Pinterest in Instagram, you’ll want to hire a true professional. Wedding photography costs typically range anywhere from $3,000- $10,000. Think about it – Your photographer will spend anywhere between 6-10 hours shooting your wedding. Then, there’s 30-40 hours editing your final portfolio. This doesn’t even begin to include all the cost of expensive equipment, online gallery costs, editing software costs, subscriptions, website costs, and more. Your photos are important, so this is one vendor you don’t want to skimp on.

4. Consider Their Reviews

 Reviews from other couples are a great thing to consider when choosing any wedding vendor. In the real world, online reviews are often notoriously negative. But in the wedding world, most couples do a great job of sharing exactly what is awesome about their vendors. Take a look at a photographer’s online reviews to get a feel for what other couples appreciated about them. If even their positive reviews don’t “wow” you, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

A Little About My Work and My Approach

Now that you know exactly what to look for, I’ll share a bit about myself so you can determine whether we’ll work well together.

I consider myself a fine art wedding photographer. This means that I consider each photograph a true work of art. Instead of just posing a couple and clicking away, I am carefully aware of light, composition, texture, and colors so that your wedding is captured in the most beautiful way possible. While I make sure to capture formal portraits, details, and all the in-between events, my work doesn’t stop there. I also capture genuine, un-posed emotions by carefully anticipating each important moment, reaction, or event just before it happens.

I also consider myself a very hands-on photographer. If my client doesn’t have a wedding planner, I sit down with them and create a comprehensive wedding day timeline to ensure all the most important moments are captured. If a wedding planner is involved, I work with him or her to make sure your timeline works from a photographer standpoint as well. I also send my clients a questionnaire that reviews the important details of the day and outlines family portraits. This ensures that on your wedding day, you can just relax, enjoy the outpouring of love, and let me do all the work.


Photos by: Amanda Fogarty Photography