2019 Bridal Designers You Need To Know About

Many women would agree that bridal gowns are perhaps the best part about weddings. I think it’s because they provide a certain sense of escapism. Even some of the most progressive, accomplished ladies I know grew up wanting to be a fairytale princess. Bridal gowns somehow allow this dream to come to fruition. Even if you’re not a bride-to-be, it’s easy to appreciate gorgeous gowns from fabulous and fashion-forward designers. From sleek and simple to decadent and over-the-top, there are designs for absolutely everyone. With bridal fashion changing every season, it’s important to keep up with current trends – especially if you’re planning a wedding. Here are some of my favorite weddings dress designers for 2019. Plus, I’ve even included my personal pick from their newest collections.

Berta Bridal

If you’ve ever seen a bridal gown picture on Pinterest that practically takes your breath away, it’s probably from Berta Bridal. This iconic designer began in 2004 but didn’t become an international sensation until nearly 10 years later. Berta Balilti’s designs feature intricate lace, figure-hugging silhouettes, and an up-scale sense of drama. Although they come with a couture price tag, gowns from Berta Bridal are a celebration of modern excellence. Plus, they photograph beautifully.

My Picks…

These gowns include all of the elements that have made Berta Bridal a global phenomenon. Beautiful lace details pop against the nude lining, while the curve-creating shapes ensures the woman wearing it always takes center stage.

Sarah Seven

Sarah Seven is perfect for the modern traditionalist. This brand’s bridal collection features sleek, sophisticated gowns that are incredibly current and perfect for anyone who considers themselves a trendsetter. While you’ll find a range of luxe lace styles, classic ballgowns, and chic, streamlined silhouettes, each one comes with an effortless elegance. Frequently featured on the runway at New York Bridal Fashion Week, Sarah Seven is a bridal gown designer that is picking up steam and not going anywhere.

My Pick…


This gown is perfect for anyone who wants to look refined and elegant without getting any Megan Markle comparisons. The modest neckline and sleeves pair well with the show-stopping open back. This one will make every bride feel like a Parisian sophisticate.

Grace Loves Lace

Grace Loves Lace was one of the first brands that truly made me fall in love with Australian bridal fashion. I don’t know what’s in the water over there, but the Aussies know a thing or two about style. Grace Loves Lace offers brides wedding dresses that are timeless, iconic, and just a little rebellious. The modern boho bride who has an elevated sense of style (and wouldn’t dare decorate with burlap) will appreciate their effortless, free-spirited designs, which are manufactured from the finest fabrics the world has to offer.

My Pick…


This off-the-shoulder gown is elegant, unexpected, and undeniable. It exudes all of the gypsy-chic refinement that has made Grace Loves Lace so popular with modern brides.