Incorporating Color Into Your Wedding Day


One of the most exciting parts of wedding planning is selecting your color palette. It easy to get inspiration from places like Pinterest and Instagram, but the most interesting looking weddings are the ones that are truly original.

Popular wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty and Ruffled especially love showcasing photographs of weddings that use colors in fresh and surprising ways. If you want your wedding to stand apart from the crowd, it’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

Here are cutting-edge wedding colors and how to make them pop – both in your pictures and on your big day.


Teal is one of those colors that it takes a while to warm up to. At first, it seems obscure and odd. After a while, however, you start to realize that this multi-dimensional tone takes all of the things you love about jewel tones and takes them to a sophisticated next level. Rich and luxurious, Teal pairs perfectly with dark, decadent colors as well as industrial elements such as Edison bulbs, reclaimed wood, and exposed brick. Teal also is lovely when featured in a variety of different textures. Don’t be afraid to incorporate velvet bouquet ribbons, tulle bridesmaids dresses, and satiny table cloths – all in teal and all at once. Balance it out with black accents and your favorite metallic tones (copper, gold, or silver all work well here) and you have a wedding day pop of color that is surprisingly chic.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold has been an on-trend element in jewelry for several years now. This modern metallic becomes especially eye-catching when paired with white, soft grays, and trendy marble prints. Being heavy-handed in your use of rose gold also makes touches of blush look more cutting- edge than they ever would be on their own. This color palette perfectly pairs minimalism with romanticism. It’s whimsical and girly without being cliché. It’s palatable without being basic or boring. Basically, if you’re a girly-girl who is all grown up, Rose Gold is a perfect accent color for your wedding day.


More and more brides are getting wise to Mustard, which makes me incredibly excited. Perfect for fall weddings, Mustard is like yellow’s cool, moody cousin. It effortlessly complements traditional autumnal colors and décor – but it really makes a statement when it stands on its own. Adding touches of gold to your wedding décor will make this color palette even more opulent and refined.

Mustard pairs perfectly with greenery, so let those two colors take the lead when wedding planning. By letting natural elements run wild, Mustard looks increasingly earthy and organic. White baby’s breath, fresh ivory place settings, and a crisp satin wedding dress all act as a breath of fresh air when paired with this rich color palette, helping everything come together in perfect harmony.


When I say “neon,” I’m talking ultra-bright, highlighter shades that hurt your eyes in the best way possible. To make this color palette come alive, pair it with black accents, glossy white surfaces, and monochromatic geometric patterns. Even tasteful touches of iridescent shimmer could find a home within this lavish and incredibly enchanting color palette. Custom neon signs are also growing in popularity, and look awesome when the lights go down and the dance floor gets going.

While it might seem a little “out there,” there’s something about this palette that also touches on so many different eras. It’s reminiscent of 90’s excess, 60’s mod, and the decadent nature of the 1920s. Plus, it’s impossible not to feel pure joy when surrounded by these colors. While I realize that this palette isn’t for everyone, any alternative couple with a unique sense of style could totally rock this show-stopping pop of color on their wedding day.