A Misty, Minimalistic Wedding in Bar Harbor, Maine


Karla and Gary are both from Long Island, New York, but they selected the Bar Harbor Inn to host their wedding because of its exquisite architecture and infinite views. Located on the coast of Frenchman Bay and just minutes from Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor Inn is a historic hotel that prides itself upon its old-world, classically New England sense of charm. “We always wanted to come to Bar Harbor for so long,” said the bride, “Also, [we thought] it would make a great family vacation with our immediate family only.” 

If there’s one word that accurately describes the weather in Maine, it’s “unpredictable.” Any bride who plans an outdoor New England wedding knows that embracing Mother Nature’s temperamental attitude is of the utmost importance. Luckily, Karla and Gary are two people who definitely aren’t intimidated by inclement weather conditions.  

Like most modern couples, they started their relationship virtually. After chatting online, the couple arranged a meeting. The weather, however, had other plans. On the heels of Hurricane Sandy – one day after, to be exact – the couple’s plans to meet at a restaurant were dashed because the hurricane had completely knocked out power in the area. Instead of letting that stop them, they chose to meet in a parking lot instead.  

After all, what’s a little weather when true love is on the line?

Karla described her wedding vision as “low-key.” While she achieved her vision to perfection, there are plenty of other words that describe their intimate seaside ceremony and reception. The bride wore a chic, minimalistic gown that allowed her natural beauty to shine. The groom’s crisp blue suit perfectly complemented the serene white decor and chairs arranged all in a row. And a pair of pretty pink flower girls – adorned in flouncy dresses, flower crowns, and mirrored sunglasses, naturally – brought everything back to earth.  

I would imagine that when Karla and Gary dreamed up their Bar Harbor wedding day, they pictured a bright blue sky melting into the horizon, interrupted only by billowing sailboats and maybe a cloud or two. But the weather, like always, had other plans. When the couple exchanged their vows, they did so in front of overcast sky accented by a misty, salt-kissed fog. And while it may not have been exactly like they had imagined it, the weather only made it that much more exquisite. Everything else faded gently into the background, allowing the happy couple to remain squarely in focus. As far as Karla and Gary were concerned, the entire day was picture-perfect.

 After all, what’s a little weather when forever is on the line?