Ashley & Adam’s Elegant Wedding in Sonoma Valley, California


Adam and Ashley met one chilly evening in Boston, Massachusetts. Their initial encounter was centered around lively discussions about New England sports teams and a reverence for Beyoncé. They probably didn’t know it at the time, but from that day forward their lives would forever be filled with traveling, cooking, love, laughter, “doing absolutely nothing” on days when the weather refuses to cooperate, and (most importantly) golf.

In 2016, Adam bought Ashley her first set of golf clubs and introduced her to the lovely, patient nature of the sport. Even though there may have been a few meltdowns on a few greens along the way, Adam was always there by Ashley’s side. In the 4 years that have followed, their love of golf would lead to a multitude of cherished moments together. None more cherished, however, than that special round of golf in 2018 – the one where Adam got down on one knee on the first hole and asked Ashley to spend the rest of her life with him.

Just a year later, the couple hosted an intimate destination wedding in Sonoma Valley, California. Sunny golden flowers overflowed from the bride’s bouquet, contrasting against a minimalistic ivory gown that made her look sleek, sophisticated, and vibrant all at once. Guests wore bright colors, bold floral prints, and wide smiles, all which highlighted – and never detracted from – the simple, stylish décor. From the whimsical natural scenery to the gentle glow of overhead café lights, the overall ambiance was somehow both comfortable and incredibly chic.

Weddings have a tendency to be about more than just the two people saying their “I Do’s.” They are often huge affairs that are centered around color schemes, seating arrangements, and cautious family dynamics. Anyone who has ever attended, hosted, or worked a lavish, large wedding knows by the end, the happy couple is lucky if they get a moment to pause, take a breath, or absorb the true beauty of the love story unfolding in front of them. Romance is always the byproduct of these events.

The thing that truly made this effortlessly romantic and insanely gorgeous wedding differ from so many others was Ashley and Adam – Two people who never seemed too distracted or preoccupied to notice the incredible love story unfolding in front of them. Their relaxed attitudes, effortless focus, and overwhelming patience (maybe like the kind you can only learn on a quiet golf course) allowed them to create one of the most magical wedding days I have ever experienced.

There’s no denying that this entire event was exquisite and thoughtfully designed. Yet it wasn’t the elegant décor or the crisp table settings or the manicured lawn or the breathtaking landscapes that guests would remember when they went home for the evening. It was the authenticity and overwhelming amount of love that constantly filled the air and illuminated every single photograph taken during the day.

Photography: Natalya DeSena Photography

Planner: Pinch Me Planning

Venue & Farm to Table Catering: Beltane Ranch 

Florals: Venn Floral 

Officiant: Joan Withers Priest 

Rentals & Decor: Encore Rentals 

Stationary: Paper Trousseau 

Dress: Suzanne Neville

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman 

Hair & Makeup: Bridal Beauty on the Go

DJ: Heart of Gold DJ’s