Nikki & Ryan’s Coastal Wedding at French’s Point

Some people would say there’s an element of luck that goes into every love story. They would be right, of course. But when it comes to Nikki and Ryan’s specific journey together as a couple, it’s hard to ignore the series of serendipitous circumstances – the pieces that fit perfectly together – that led to their happily ever after.  

Their story begins in the small town of Winthrop, ME, when their paths first fatefully crossed in a kindergarten classroom. Through the ages, Ryan caught Nikki’s eye quite a few times. Especially during their Middle School days. And a crush might have been all it ever was…until destiny stepped in and lent a hand. 

As fate would have it, they ended up living on the same floor in the same dorm at the University of Maine – Orono. The bride refers to this happy accident as “the best thing that ever happened to us.” From there their friendship – and their love for one another – blossomed and grew roots. When college ended in 2016 they could no longer ignore the signs that they were meant to be together. 

Now based in Portland, it’s clear that the couple views every day as a small part of a larger adventure. They have traveled together (and eaten their way through) exotic locations and beautiful locales. But it was a certain trip to Tulum, Mexico that truly changed everything. As chance would have it, a thunderstorm had rolled through earlier in the day. It cleared the crowds and left the beach beautifully empty, creating the perfect setting for a rare private sunset proposal on the sand. 

Although the rise of Covid wasn’t a happy stroke of luck, there is perhaps something to be said about the way that it brought people back to basics and forced them to focus on the things that make life worth living. Nikki and Ryan ended up with a smaller, more intimate wedding than they had originally planned. What others would view as misfortune, this couple decided to view as a challenge that they were strong and certain enough in their love to overcome. 

The ceremony took place in a breathtaking historic venue on French’s Point. The bride looked effortless in a tulle A-line gown, while her groom complemented her perfectly in a stately grey suit. A wash of dynamic neutral colors and opulent greenery gave the entire day a charming, rustic ambiance that was warm and classic and timeless – especially when paired with the misty coastal atmosphere. 

Surrounded by their dearest friends and family members, Nikki and Ryan’s wedding was perfection from start to finish. The big party and luxurious honeymoon may have been put on hold, but what remained was an intimate celebration of their love for one another. As fate would have it, they ended up with the kind of wedding that perhaps they were destined for all along. Lucky indeed.

Photographer: Natalya DeSena Photography

Planner: Pinch Me Planning

Venue: French’s Point

Catering: 111 Maine

Video: Rebecca Drouin

Florals: Mimi & Mum

H+M: Natasha Baxter