Why You Should Consider Rehearsal Dinner Photography Coverage

I believe there are endless reasons to add rehearsal dinner coverage to your wedding collection, but I outlined the three of the most important ones below!

1.The vibe is always different, in a good way

Let’s be honest, your wedding day can feel a little overwhelming. There are vendors arriving, family members roaming all over the place, and friends helping you get ready. I want my couples to be relaxed on their big day, but there will always be underlying nerves before you walk down the isle. Contrary, rehearsal dinner is a time that is more relaxed. It’s a more casual evening of friends and family coming together to celebrate you and your fiancĂ©. The photos captured can be a little less formal and it’s a great opportunity to capture candid moments of people coming together.

2. Families and friends coming together can be a rare occasion

Personally, getting my family all in one place is a very rare occasion. My sister lives in Colorado, my brother is in-between California and New York, my parents live in Florida, and I’m in Maine. This is an amazing opportunity to capture guests coming together and it’s even a better opportunity to capture your families coming together. It’s few and far between that we actually dress up for anything these days, so it’s also a great time to capture Holiday card photos for individual families and friends.

3. You may not think rehearsal dinner coverage is important, but in the future these images will mean everything to you

As time goes on, these images will become more and more valuable. We don’t think about the importance of these photos until we realize we never got a photo with that person we love. For this reason, I try to capture everyone together in groups, but also individually. So many times I wish I had a good photo of me with my grandma or me with my grandpa. These photos are memories and later down the road they will mean everything, especially to future generations.