International Brand Photography for a Wellness and Business Retreat

Last month I had the privilege of being asked to take international brand photos for a woman’s wellness and business retreat in Tulum, Mexico hosted by Kat Cynewski. Traveling and learning about other cultures is one of my favorite things to do, so combining it with photography was a dream. For five days we had an amazing time soaking up the sun on the beach, practicing yoga, participating in business workshops, and exploring Tulum.

International Brand Photography in Tulum, Mexico

I arrived one day before the official start of the retreat to get settled and get to know Tulum. We stayed at the beautiful Tulum Hotel by Selina for a night, which is right on the ocean and had incredible architecture. We explored all of the natural and warm elements the hotel had to offer and took some incredible editorial-type photos. The private pool was perfect and I even hopped in front of the camera.

We were close to some incredible shops and one of my absolute favorites was Terro Decor. All of their handcrafted furniture and decor have warm tones, light colors, and natural materials, which is exactly my style. They also have a gorgeous studio to rent right in Tulum.

Women’s Business Retreat Photography

Taking time away from the typical day-to-day is so inspiring and motivating. The retreat was filled with inspirational women and so many laughs. The retreat was hosted at a beautiful private residence complete with a private chef and two pools. Our days were filled with daily yoga and delicious food from our own personal chef.

A part of the trip was for the ladies to get an individual brand photography session, as well as group photos. All of the beautiful textures and agriculture everywhere made it easy to find many places to pose. The trip was a perfect blend of relaxing and learning.

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