Photographer. Design Lover. Home Project Connoisseur.  Wife. Dog Mom. Traveler




Photography has been my biggest passion since I was a little girl. My father had a dark room in our house. I watched him develop film for hours every week and from a young age I became obsessed with creative imagery, visual storytelling, and the power of freezing a moment in time. My brother is a commercial director and videographer and my sister is a writer, so I guess creativity runs in the family!

I started my photography career doing commercial and event photography in college. Once I turned 30 yrs old I left the corporate world to start my own business full-time. I've been shooting weddings, families and lifestyle work for over 5 years now, with more than 90 weddings under my belt. I'm grateful everyday that I wake to do what I love.

I admire all things design and gardening. I also love working with my hands, building things, and doing projects in general. I watched my Mom do interior design for years and she also had her own flower business at one point, so I think that's where I get it from. My Grandmother was also the president of her garden club. When I'm not working I'm usually scheming of a plan to renovate some part of our property. Last year I built a gigantic garden and I plan to do it all over again this year. Follow more of my projects over on social!

My husband, Brett, and I actually went to high school together. My family moved to Maine from New York when I was a sophomore. Our first real encounter was in our video production class. We were paired up to make a film together and since Brett surfed, and well... I liked surfer boys, we decided to make a film of him surfing to the 311 song Amber (I actually still have the video and it's hilariously embarrassing). We both went our separate ways for 10 years and in 2015 we reconnected when I moved back east. Brett went to culinary school and sailed around the world as a chef on a sailing yacht. I worked in the corporate world for 10 years and traveled in my spare time. We're both dog lovers and have three of our own. When we're not doing projects you can find us traveling, surfing, skiing, and eating insanely delicious food along the way. 

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