I’ve had a lot of questions about family session outfits and how to coordinate color palettes. Everyone’s style is different, but I put together some of my favorite looks whether you’re doing your session at the beach or in the comfort of your home. You probably don’t have many high quality photos with your family, so I think it’s important to spend some time coordinating outfits. If you’re ocean lovers, let’s go to the beach and play in the sand and if you’re a home body let’s do an intimate session at your home. I tend to lean more towards neutral tones and classic colors.

First Look: The Classic – Whites and Jeans

This look is casual and classic. It’s clean and will always be in style. I’ll always love this look and I think it’s honestly great anytime of year.

Second Look: Earthy Soft Tones

I love this look in the fall when the leaves are changing and there’s hues of reds and yellows in the background. Since there’s large variety of earthy tones to choose from, this might be a good palette to go with if you’re doing a large family shoot.

Third Look: Pops of Pastels

If you’re a lover of color I think wearing neutrals and pastels is the way to go. Really bold and loud colors can be distracting in the image, so stick with pastels and soft tones.

Carolina is also a wedding and family photographer, so when she reached out to me to schedule a family session I was honored. (Check out her website!) She is not only a fellow wedding photographer, but also a friend. Take a look at her cute family below!

Sunset family sessions at the beach are my favorite. I love the pastel tones, the clean backdrop, and dipping my toes in the sand. This session at Fortunes Rock Beach was gorgeous and it was nice spending time with the Sherman family during their summer vacation to Maine. Family sessions can also be purchased as a credit, which is a great gift idea. I’d love to work with you and your family during your vacation to Maine!

Summer is my favorite time to do family sessions, but this year I did sessions well into late November and the photos came out beautifully. On this day it was 34 degrees and extremely windy, but you’d never know. This session was originally supposed to happen at Kettle Cove, but the 20mph wind was hitting the beach head on, so we drove to Willard Beach to get away from the wind. It was almost freezing, but we were able to capture beautiful images and in-between moments.

I absolutely loved this family session in Newport, Rhode Island. The weather was perfect and the evening was incredible beautiful. Alisha is a good friend of mine and she’s also a wedding photographer. We met in 2017 doing styled shoots in the Boston area and we’ve been friends ever since. I was honored to take family photos for her, John, and her son Lukas.

I love shooting all family sessions, but it’s even more special when I know the family. Meet Clementine, Hattie, Caroline and Wiley. Caroline grew up in Cape Elizabeth and we went to high school together. Her and her sweet family live a few blocks down the road from me in South Portland. The last family session I did for the Mueller’s was a year ago when they were only a family of three, but now they’re a beautiful family of four. I hold family sessions near and dear to my heart because it means a lot to provide families with images from all stages of life.

Summer is the perfect time to capture photos of the family. If you’re thinking of doing a session reach out. I’d love to work with you and your family. NatalyaDeSenaPhoto@gmail.com

It recently snowed and it’s a winter wonderland here in Maine. I loved taking family photos for Liz and Will. These two are the owners of The Blue Spoon Restaurant and the Blue Spoon Cafe and Catering. It’s nice that our worlds collide in the wedding season and it’s been incredible to watch these two build a restaurant, cafe, and catering company all at the same time. It has also been amazing to watch their family of three grow to a family of four!


I love when families come to Maine for vacation and they decide to do a photography session. It’s such a great way to capture photos of the family, whether you want to put the photos in frames around the house, use the photos for Christmas Cards, or showcase them digitally. I absolutely loved meeting the Clevelands since they’re from Erie, Colorado. Heather and I actually graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder one year apart. It was great connecting with this Colorado family. I hope to see you guys next time I visit my sister in Boulder!



Tis the season for family sessions! I photographed this beautiful family at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth. The week of July 4th was filled with family sessions since so many families were visiting Maine for the holiday. I can’t get enough of Rohan’s cuteness in these images.



This little man stole my heart. From his tiny hand and feet to those curious eyes. I’m excited to share these images on the blog today. I love doing newborn sessions because it’s such an intimate experience. Watching a family grow and bringing life into this world is pure magic. Congratulations to the Rautenberg family and their new baby boy, Miles. I couldn’t be more happy for this family of four.