This floral-inspired editorial shoot inspired me to get creative and bring out a different side of myself. While I absolutely adore shooting weddings and engagement sessions, it is always an incredible feeling to get into a studio and play with outfits and props.

High-End Newburyport Editorial Session

While planning this shoot I knew I wanted to use The Newburyport Studio. This gorgeous space in the heart of downtown Newburyport is full of character and bathed in sunlight. Everything was thoughtfully planned and designed to highlight the local Maine fresh florals from Fresh Pickins.

Floral-Inspired Editorial Shoot

This shoot was created to make you feel luxurious and sophisticated when viewing the images. Our three beautiful models wore modern, fashion-forward outfits including a white flowy dress with a 50s flair, high-waisted shorts with a cap sleeve crop top, and lots of 90s styles jeans. I especially loved playing around with the lofty floppy hat.

The outfits were designed to blend into the background while highlighting the flowers and subtle gorgeous details of their outfits. Getting all three women together in similar white crop tops and jeans created a feeling of women’s empowerment and beauty. This floral-inspired editorial shoot was the perfect mix of high-end fashion and playfulness.

Looking for more of my work? Check out the Natalya DeSena Print Shop and some of my recent weddings.

Photographer: Natalya DeSena

Florist: Fresh Pickins

Studio: The Newburyport Studio

Makeup: Makeup By Sarah Lord

Hair: Styles By Chelsea

Modeling Agency: Maggie Inc.

Model: Mel De Los Santos

Model: Arlyss Gabriel

Model: Emma Sullivan

Last October I took a trip to Nosara, Costa Rica to photograph an all women’s yoga and wellness retreat. Kat Cynewski and Stefanie Adler held the retreat at Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, which I highly recommend if anyone is interested in a beautiful retreat/spa experience in the jungle of Nosara. Stefanie is a fertility and hormone coach and Kat is a business and wellness coach, yoga instructor, and podcaster. This retreat was one of the best retreats I’ve ever been on and I left feeling honored to document such an amazing experience.

Bodhi Tree is the ideal escape for every yogi, surfer and wellness enthusiast. It’s a short 10 minute walk to Baker’s Beach and a 15 minute walk to the center of town. They offer world-class facilities, which are immersed in a lush jungle setting. Take advantage of all Bodhi Tree has to offer including: two beautiful salt-water pools, modern Balinese rooms, spa, a variety of eateries, daily yoga and fitness classes. We enjoyed seeing howler monkeys and iguanas, listening to the gentle trickle of the streams, and being serenaded by the symphony of the surrounding jungle.

Kat and Stefanie held this retreat to empower women on multiple levels and to provide tools to live an authentic and purpose driven life. I love going on all women retreats because they crack me wide open. Day to day life can get busy and sometimes we fill our days with things to do in order to avoid our own feelings. Retreats allow me to get reacquainted with my inner child, take a look at the busyness of my own life, and connect with other powerful and vulnerable women. In Kat’s words, “Often we have layers of clay in the form of emotional responses, fear, guilt, shame, hurt and heartbreak built up like walls to protect us. These walls we think are keeping us safe but they are really covering our vibrancy and gold.” I highly recommend connecting with both Kat and Stefanie whether through one of their retreats, through their coaching programs, or simply signing up for their newsletters, you won’t regret it. Take a look at this amazing experience below. 

P.S. I’m excited to join Kat and her mastermind group for another retreat in Tulum Mexico this June.

If you’re looking for a retreat photographer, please reach out! I would love to work together.  Email:

My friends over at Fresh Pickins make organic whole-body products, which are hand made, cultivated and foraged in Maine. The ocean, forest, mountains, and farming have shaped their lifestyle and inspired everything they do. The sweet basil salve is the BEST hand moisturizer I’ve ever used and their honey is to die for! They also offer a subscription to floral arrangements throughout the summer months. Check out more images from our fun product photography shoot below!

My fiancé used to be a Chef and I’m a wedding photographer. Our original wedding was on Ram Island Farm in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, but because of COVID our plans changed. 

Since we couldn’t celebrate with friends and family this year, we decided to throw an intimate garden party under twinkle lights with a handful of close friends. The inspiration for the dinner came from our wedding inspiration and from the love of our gardens. My fiancé used to work for Eventide Oyster Co. and Big Tree Catering, so naturally we’re obsessed with hosting. I love the idea of outdoor dinners, especially those nestled under a tunnel of twinkle lights. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of creating. 

Yellow Twist Floral Design spent time manipulating standard roses to give the appearance of a garden rose. The muted blush tone paired with a vibrant and creamy yellow allowed for either tone to serve as the neutral.  Roses, cosmos, and protea in soft shades of mauve and yellow provided a lush centerpiece down the table. 

This entire dinner party was a celebration of late summer and a reminder that even in COVID you can have elevated intimate gatherings and a reason to dress up!

Photography: Natalya DeSena Photography

Florals: Yellow Twist Floral Design

Rentals: One Stop Party Shop

Let’s be honest, there are many unknowns out there, which has raised the amount of anxiety that we all feel. I’m going to provide links to helpful articles about planning your wedding during COVID-19, people to follow to reduce stress and limit your amount of anxiety, and free workout resources.

Let’s get started…

MENTAL HEALTH: Follow the facts, but don’t let the facts control your mental health! 

We all need to stay informed, but there is a huge difference between watching the news all day vs. checking it once or twice a day. I also want to say that sitting on the couch all day watching TV since you’re working from home, or you’re out of work, is totally adding to your stress. In these coming weeks I think it’s going to be important to create daily schedules. Schedules help with anxiety and the feelings of uncertainty.

To all of my brides –  I know you are all feeling a little uneasy, but we haven’t reached a time where you should panic. However, I think it’s important to be informed. Please checkout the resources below with regards to the wedding industry and when to start thinking of pushing your wedding to a later month. As of today, cancelling your wedding altogether isn’t necessary and neither is pushing it to 2021. 


  1. My friend Keri at Always Yours Events wrote a very well thought out blog post about planning your wedding during COVID-19. Find her blog post HERE
  2. Harpers Bazaar recently came out with an article that talks about the next few months and what to consider when planning your wedding. Find that article HERE

EMOTIONAL: HEALTH We all need to stay healthy, virtually connected, and positive. I know this is easier said than done, but during this time it’s going to be important to prioritize your mental, emotional, and physical health. 

Over the years I’ve dealt with some grief and loss and I learned to lean on spirituality and yoga. These things helped my anxiety levels and I bet they’ll help yours too. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sit around a circle with a bunch of random women and cry on their shoulders, although I’ve done this plenty of times thanks to the yoga community. 


1. Gabrielle Bernstein- NYC PR Boss Babe Turned Life Coach, Author and Public Speaker  (She’s Badass).

Instead of following all the news sources, or random accounts on Instagram that don’t add any value, try to fill up your feed with some positivity. Following people like Gabrielle Bernstein.

2. Deepak Chopra – Mediation Guru and Spiritual Guide

If you’re having a hard time emotionally and mentally Deepak brings it back to basics. He has meditations on Spotify, his Instagram and his website. I used his meditations on Spotify because they’re short and sweet. 

3. Tony Robbins – Motivational Speaker and Business Leader 

Not everything needs to be serious all the time so on top of listing my favorite spiritual leaders I’m also listing my favorite accounts on Instagram that provide the maximum amount of laughs. See below: 


  1. Daquan – 
  2. My Therapist Says –
  3. Moistbuddha-
  4. Girl with No Job –
  5. Bestvines –
  6. Trashcan Paul

PHYSICAL HEALTH: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

If you can get outside and go on a remote hike or walk you should, as long as your social distancing. However, if you live in an apartment or dense city, there are many ways to stay active even if you’re stuck quarantining yourself at home.


  1. CorePower Yoga – Free Classes HERE
  2. Tone it Up – The girls over at Tone it up always offer great at home workouts and amazing recipes. It’s your one stop shop for health and fitness. Check out their website HERE
  3. Yoga with Adriene, check out her YouTube channel
  4. Barre Fitness –
  5. P90 – This is definitely a more aggressive workout plan and I’ve done it with my family before, but it’s a great challenge!


  1. Nature walk in Phippsburg Dropped Pin Location: HERE
  2. Hiking Trail (or snowshoeing/back country trail) on the backside of Mount Pleasant. Dropped Pin Location: HERE
  3. Presumpscott River Preserve – HERE
  4. If you want to be adventurous, consider taking a day trip to The White Mountains! Look various trails up through All Trails


Aside from your marriage and your memories, your photos are often the only thing you have left when your wedding day is over. That’s why having great photos is of the utmost importance. When deciding on a photographer for your wedding, you should do more than just scroll through their Instagram feed.

Take these following factors into consideration to ensure that your photos live up to your expectations.

1. Consider Their Aesthetic

Every wedding photographer has an aesthetic that is different. This goes far beyond their photos appearing “light and airy” or “dark and moody.” Some wedding photographers have a fine art approach and carefully consider the composition of each frame. Others take a more photojournalistic and snap lots of candid photos. There is no right or wrong answer here – it’s all about what you prefer. When choosing a wedding photographer, take a look at their portfolio to get a better idea of their overall aesthetic.

2.  Personality is Important

Your wedding photographer will be present during some of the most important moments of your life. For this reason, you’ll want someone who you work well with. Before choosing a photographer, ensure your communication styles align. If you like your emails answered ASAP, a photographer who takes a lax approach to running their business is only going to stress you out. Some brides want their photographers to be a big part of their big day, while others would prefer a hands-off approach. Take all of these things into consideration before signing a contract.

 3. You Get What You Pay For

If you want images that look like the ones you’re seeing on Pinterest in Instagram, you’ll want to hire a true professional. Wedding photography costs typically range anywhere from $3,000- $10,000. Think about it – Your photographer will spend anywhere between 6-10 hours shooting your wedding. Then, there’s 30-40 hours editing your final portfolio. This doesn’t even begin to include all the cost of expensive equipment, online gallery costs, editing software costs, subscriptions, website costs, and more. Your photos are important, so this is one vendor you don’t want to skimp on.

4. Consider Their Reviews

 Reviews from other couples are a great thing to consider when choosing any wedding vendor. In the real world, online reviews are often notoriously negative. But in the wedding world, most couples do a great job of sharing exactly what is awesome about their vendors. Take a look at a photographer’s online reviews to get a feel for what other couples appreciated about them. If even their positive reviews don’t “wow” you, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.

A Little About My Work and My Approach

Now that you know exactly what to look for, I’ll share a bit about myself so you can determine whether we’ll work well together.

I consider myself a fine art wedding photographer. This means that I consider each photograph a true work of art. Instead of just posing a couple and clicking away, I am carefully aware of light, composition, texture, and colors so that your wedding is captured in the most beautiful way possible. While I make sure to capture formal portraits, details, and all the in-between events, my work doesn’t stop there. I also capture genuine, un-posed emotions by carefully anticipating each important moment, reaction, or event just before it happens.

I also consider myself a very hands-on photographer. If my client doesn’t have a wedding planner, I sit down with them and create a comprehensive wedding day timeline to ensure all the most important moments are captured. If a wedding planner is involved, I work with him or her to make sure your timeline works from a photographer standpoint as well. I also send my clients a questionnaire that reviews the important details of the day and outlines family portraits. This ensures that on your wedding day, you can just relax, enjoy the outpouring of love, and let me do all the work.


Photos by: Amanda Fogarty Photography


My friend Taylor is a real estate agent for Portside Realty Group. She’s one of those agents that you can trust with your heart and soul. I highly recommend using her if you want to start the process of finding your first home, investment property, or new home. Follow more market highlights, behind the scenes, and every day Maine living at @LivingaMaineLife



I’m a Maine based wedding photographer so I have free time during the winter to travel. As you can imagine, not a lot of couples get married in New England during the winter months. In the long run I’d love to travel to warmer locations to photograph destination weddings, but in the meantime I’ll take advantage of my down time to travel.

Brett and I recently spent three weeks in Bali, Indonesia and it’s officially one of my favorite places in the world. I love everything about it – the culture, the food, the lush greenery, the massive cliffs, the craftsmanship coming out of the markets in UBUD, the people, the street dogs, the fact that everyone drives around on scooters. Everything about it was magical.

Brett and I booked an amazing Airbnb in Uluwatu for the first 11 days. We wanted to get to know the area, especially because it’s famous for the surfing and beautiful beaches. The onsite manager at our Airbnb was extremely helpful. She organized our driver from Denpasar, rented us a scooter, and gave us tips about the area. She even brought us her favorite Balinese dish one day for lunch. I highly recommend staying here.

There’s a lot of Australian influence in Uluwatu since it’s a destination spot for Aussies. I really loved this about the area since I lived on Bondi Beach for a handful of months after college. The restaurants are incredible. Our favorites (food wise) were The Loft, Suka Espresso, and Yeye’s. Our favorite places to go for sunset were Ulu Cliffhouse and SingleFin. Green Bowl and Nyang Nyang were my favorite beaches since they had cascading cliffs and really cool caves.

We spent one full day swimming with Manta Rays at Manta Point off of Nusa Penida. This was an incredible day of snorkeling and free diving. The reefs around the area are healthy and there were plenty of fish and turtles. We also went to UBUD and did a bike tour of the rice fields. This was one of my favorite ways to see the countryside and I highly recommend doing this tour if you ever go to Bali. I also recommend spending at least a couple days in UBUD to visit the markets and hike Mount Batur. Towards the end of our trip we stayed in another Airbnb down the road from our first one. It was a bit cheaper and I was able to walk to The Yoga Searcher for my daily yoga classes. It was also closer to the shops and restaurants. My favorite shop in Ulu was The Find. Lots of scrunches, cute dresses, rompers, and jewelry.

It was one of the greatest trips I’ve ever been on, so great that we’re thinking of going again next winter!

Hope you enjoy the photos below.


I had the pleasure of shooting with Blue Spoon a couple weeks ago. The photos below are part one of a two series shoot. I will be shooting with them again in March/April after their renovations are complete. I can’t wait to capture more of the restaurant’s story, the team, and the updated design in a few months.

Blue Spoon was bought by Liz Koenigsberg and her husband Will Lavey last August. These two are extremely talented. Liz used to own Petite Jacqueline for six years and Will worked for very well known restaurants in Denver, CO.

At Blue Spoon they take pride in their ingredients and they source from the best: Black Kettle Farm, Laughingstock Farm, Stone Cipher Farm, Fishbowl Farm, Freedom Farm, Valley View Farm eggs and meats, Wee Bit Farm beef and pork, Lankin’s Gorges Cheeses, Woolever Farm lamb, and Rick Tibbet’s mushrooms.

I cant wait to share more of what this restaurant is all about later this spring!



This winter I had the opportunity to slow down and do what I love most, shoot film. I went to Halide film workshop in Acton, MA and it was hands down my favorite workshop of all time.

Thanks to all the beautiful souls that helped create such an amazing experience and for being so open about your process and work. There’s nothing I love more than collaboration and community in this wedding industry.

I consider myself a hybrid photographer (digital + film), but I primarily shoot digital. On wedding days I use 2 professional full-frame Canon cameras and my 35mm Canon EOS 1V. 

I absolutely love film and will be integrating it more and more into my wedding work. My film camera is simply a tool I use for creating my some of my work. As a photographer, and artist, I capture weddings the best way I see fit, whether that’s on digital, film, or both.

I grew up shooting film since my father had a darkroom in our basement. It’s a timeless medium that I use to tell your story. It provides dreamy and soft photographs, but it also handles light in such a beautiful way. It excels in intimate moments, movement, and details. Digital excels in low light situations, when there needs to be artificial lighting, and when time is of the essence.

I look forward to sharing many more film images in my portfolios this summer. Long live film!

Thanks to…

Workshop lead: Elizabeth LaDuca @elizabethladuca

Venue: Villageworks Loft @villageworksloft

Editorial Design and guest photographer: Gabriella Riggieri @ggabriella

Guest photographer: Arielle Doneson @arielledoneson

Florals: Luna Moss @lunamoss

Videography: Willow Tree Films @willowtreefilms

Paper goods: August & Osceola @augustandosceola

Chef: Uncommon Feasts @uncommonfeasts

Hair and Makeup: Alicia Dane @aliciadane

Models: Mary Navarro @marebearry, Jordan Blackwell @j.blckwll

Cake: Soul Cake Shop @soulcakeshop

Jewelry: Store Ore @storeore

Wedding Dress: Ceremony @ceremony_boston

Clothing: Forma of the West @formaofthewest

Tablewares: Myrth Ceramics @myrthceramics

Surfaces: Locust Collection @locustcollection

Styling goods: @shopromanticist

Furniture Rentals: Kadeema Rentals @kadeemarentals

Linens: The Bayith @thebayith

Film lab: Photovision @photovisionprints